Receiving the Houston Heights Association's Community lmprovement Award from Bob Pearson at the Helights Rotary Club's December, 2000 luncheon are Association President Clayton Lee and its secretary, R. G. Musgrove. All three men are Rotarians.

The Parklet

By an agreement with the Parkes & Recreation Department, the association, in its concem for the plaza's maintenance, adopted the north 180 feet of the 1000 block of the Heights Esplanade as a parklet. A contract was signed for regular maintenance  of the parklet's grounds relieving P & R from thls respons.lbilky.

Trees Added to the Parklet

To complete the original plans of the memorial, the board sought the  donation of trees. Responding to this appeal in January of 200 1, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Clark donated seven large live oak trees that stood on their property in north Harris County. A professional tree service tansplanted them to the site. One was planted in tho center of the esplanade north  of the plaza. The remaining were placed beyond the line of bollards at the southe side of the plaza, in two curved beds, three trees each.

Mr. and Mrs. Glen Rose donated two large crape myrles. They stand just north for the Feedom Walk.

Shortly after the dedication, an automobile jumped the curb and sideswiped the NW corner of the memorial dislodging several stones. It was nothing serious and was quickly repaired by SpawGlass. The board met to discuss placing bollards around the entire plaza to prevent any future occurrences, especially from the south that could damage the central pylon or parts of the curved wall.