The site committee met on February 1O. 1998 to review committee assignments and objections from the Houston Heights Association (HHA). The site committee first chose the 1800 block of the Heights esplanade as the location for the memorlal. The thinking was that this would near the 19th street business district. After objections from the HHA, a site across the boulevard from the Heights library was chosen. HHA objection to our sites were due to their esplanade for their annual festival.

On February 17, 1998, Paul Carr, chairman of the HHA's Boulevard Beautification Committee provided sketches of a proposed memorial plaza to officers of the Association for discussion by the full board at its next meeting. Created by Carvel Glenn, A. I.A., the design above, detailed his design or the memorial plaza at the north end of the Heights Boulevard esplanade at 1 1th Street.

The next meeting of the Association board approved this final design, shown in profile, above. As the board had an existing contract with DCW Architects, it was necessary to use their services to convert Glenn's designs to construction plan for use by, the yet to be selected, construction company.